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Updated 28 Feb 2015

PEAKMETER  (description & download link on EQ31GUI-2 page)

    28 Feb 2015          - update to v. 0.75 (new GUI, bugfixes) 


    26 Feb 2015         - v. 0.60, bug fixes, new GUI look, improvements, new feature: RIAA, CD de-emphasis, coefficient export, on top

                                       mode, send to notification area, etc.        


     18 Nov 2014       - v. 0.30


                                     - timelimit removed (only the binary file (.exe) has been updated)


STATUS: Developing ATM

All my projects here are freeware and opensource.

If download is marked as demo or/and is timelimited, this just means that software is still in developement and becomes updated before expiration date.  Demo status becomes removed  when final v. 1.0 is out.

RIAA                         - Digital RIAA de-emphasis filters (instructions for to build)   

ISO908                    - Digital de-emphasis filter for CD audio (instructions for to build)


EQ31GUI-2             - Graphics Equalizer GUI for EqualizerAPO

PEQGUI-10MC      - Multichannel 10-band Parametric Equalizer GUI for EqualizerAPO *UPDATED

fPEQGUI-10MC    - Multichannel 10-band FULL Parametric Equalizer GUI for EqualizerAPO

PEAKMETER        Multichannel peakmeter for Windows Vista/7/8  *UPDATED